Dredging Committee

Began in December 2017

Chair-Mike Powell

Subcommittees: Dredging Education & Dredging Funding

New!  On December 9, 2019, The Dredging Committee, in conjunction with the LLPOA Board of Trustees, sent out an email asking our members for their input on some key issues regarding our Dredging project. The results are in.  Click here for those results.

Thanks to all who participated.

The Dredging Committee from December 2017 thru May 2019 researched various lake dredging methods and requirements. In May of 2019 the committees presented a detailed recommendation to the BOT and the Lake Lorelei membership. In response to feedback received during that process, the Committees continue to develop recommendations for a much needed dredging solution for all three Lake Lorelei Lakes

Their first report which focused on Areas and Depths, Dredging Methods, Waste Disposal Sites, and Permit Requirements.

Their final report was submitted to the board March 2019.

On May 11th, 2019, the Dredging Committee and Education & Funding Committee presented their final report.  Click here for a PDF of the slide presentation that was given. 

Click here for answers to questions asked at that meeting and sent to the Committee.

Click here for a link to their Facebook page and their PDF of the slide presentation.

The Dredging committee sent out Requests for Proposals for our Lakes Dredging program. Click here for that request.

Dredging Contractor References:

Heartland Dredging References

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Dredge Resources References

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