The Lakes Committee

The Lakes committee is an open committee whose role is to involve Lake Lorelei Property Owners in the process of developing, monitoring and researching programs, projects and procedures for the protection and preservation of the Lake Lorelei Lakes.

The goal is to develop strategies for programs, projects and procedures for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of LLPOA lakes.  Areas of concern to include shoreline Maintenance, Water Quality Testing,  Lakes Treatment Programs, Dredging Program, Lake Safety, Lake Valves Maintenance, and Dam & Spillway Maintenance.

The lakes committee has set up sub committees for each of these areas to ensure the goals of the Lakes committee are accomplished:

Below is a list of the current subcommittees and their roles.

Dam, Spillway & Valve Maintenance
Chair-Steve Ackman
Regularly inspect the structure of the dam, seawall, spillway and dock to assure that needed maintenance is performed in a timely manner. Assist the General Manager and Lake Maintenance in monitoring and executing the functions of the lakes valve and notify the Board and General Manager of irregularities or concerns.
Maintain a record of all dam self-inspections per the requirements.

Dredging Committee
Chair-Mike Powell

Subcommittees: Dredging Education & Dredging Funding

The Dredging Committee from December 2017 thru May 2019 researched various lake dredging methods and requirements. In May of 2019 the committees presented a detailed recommendation to the BOT and the Lake Lorelei membership. In response to feedback received during that process, the Committees continue to develop recommendations for a much needed dredging solution for all three Lake Lorelei Lakes. Click Dredging Committee for updates on the current subcommittees and research.

Lakes Safety Committee Chair-Cindi Wetzel

The Lake Safety Committee goal is to develop and implement a plan of action for communicating and monitoring safety expectations for boating, fishing and swimming activities.

Click Lake Safety Committee for updated for boating safety rules and how to volunteer for the Lake Lorelei Safety Patrol.

Shoreline Committee
Co-Chair- TJ Jackson & Jeff McGee

The Shoreline Committee began in January 2018 to develop a long range shoreline maintenance program for Lake Lorelei’s Lakes. Short term goals addressed since the Committee was formed:  Progress has been made in 3 major areas of concern;

•Shoreline maintenance best practice Standards

•LLPOA Cove rip ripping shoreline priority list

•Glady Run Cove Mud Wall project.

The next goal for the Committee is to draft a comprehensive plan to address environmental conditions such as erosion, silt infiltration and several forms of runoff that have been adversely affecting the lakes.

Click Shoreline Committee for updates on current projects, including the Glady Run Mud Wall project.

Water Quality Committee
Co-Chair- Chuck Farmer & Bill Wallace
The Water Quality Committee began in spring 2015 and the committee began collecting water sample data. The committee continues to develop best practice solutions for our lakes water quality health.

Click Water Quality Committee for updates on current research, including the new Dissolved Oxygen data being collected.

If you are interested in joining any of the Lakes Committees or want more information,
contact Cindi Wetzel, or 513-875-4874