The Lakes Committee

The Lakes committee is an open committee whose role is to involve Lake Lorelei Property Owners in the process of developing, monitoring and researching programs, projects and procedures for the protection and preservation of the Lake Lorelei Lakes. The goal is to develop strategies for programs, projects and procedures for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of LLPOA lakes.  Areas of concern to include shoreline Maintenance, Water Quality Testing,  Lakes Treatment Programs, Dredging Program, Lake Safety, Lake Valves Maintenance, and Dam & Spillway Maintenance. The lakes committee has set up sub committees for each of these areas to ensure the goals of the Lakes committee are accomplished. Below is a list of the current subcommittees and their roles

Dam, Spillway & Valve Maintenance
Chair-Steve Ackman

Regularly inspect the structure of the dam, seawall, spillway and dock to assure that needed maintenance is performed in a timely manner. Assist the General Manager and Lake Maintenance in monitoring and executing the functions of the lakes valve and notify the Board and General Manager of irregularities or concerns.
Maintain a record of all dam self-inspections per the requirements.

Water Quality
Chair-Olivia Espinoza

Work with the General Manager and treatment contractors to research and monitor best practice treatment programs for LL lakes. Take and have water samples tested on a regularly scheduled basis to assure healthy lake conditions. Report the results of all such tests to the General Manager and Board with recommendations for remediation of any problems.

Shoreline Maintenance
Chair-Chuck Farmer

Develop a program for standard shoreline maintenance for both LLPOA shorelines and property owner’s shoreline. Identify environmental conditions such as erosion, silt infiltration, weed control, undesirable aquatic populations, and pollutants from runoff, which could cause damage to or adversely affect the lakes.

Dredging Program
Chair-John Wyman

Develop a team to research and develop possible dredging actions that will be recommended to the BOT.

Lakes Safety Program
Chair-Joyce Zawaley

Will work with the General Manager to develop a plan of action for communicating and implementing safe boating, fishing and swimming activities.

The Lakes Committee meetings will be held on the 2nd Saturday mornings during the winter months.
Each month the meeting will focus on a given Water issue, such as Shoreline Maintenance, Lake Safety, Water Quality, and Dredging. These Saturday meetings will be focused on reporting and discussion about the specific committee’s findings and possible proposals for the BOT.

Check the Website’s Calendar and our Facebook page for exact dates and times

If you are interested in joining or want more information,
contact Cindi Wetzel, or 513-875-4874

All LLPOA Members are invited!