Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is an elected position by the membership. There are 9 members on the board, that serve for 3 year terms. 

Mission Statement: 

Lake Lorelei Property Owners Association Board of Trustees Provides leadership and direction with fiscal responsibility for the necessary services to assure a safe secure and continuously improving environment for out LLPOA membership with integrity in accordance with our association governing documents. 

Vision Statement:

LLPOA Board of Trustees will be the guiding force that ensures total integration of all members, with positive, continuous, prosperous growth making it a more desirable place to live.

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Bruce Simeone (2024), President 

My name is Bruce Simeone.  My wife, Christine, and I built a house in Lake Lorelei in 2020 and have become full time residents.  By education I am a Civil & Environmental Engineer that grew up milking cows, bailing hay, and delivering groceries (by walking and carrying them to people’s homes).  I retired from Procter & Gamble in 2016, after 42 years.  I have been on the Lake BOT since 2021. My commitment is to do my best for this Community.  I have no desire to make this a lifetime role.  Fresh ideas every few years are critical.  I have no favorites, nor do I have any hidden agendas.  Favorite people and hidden agendas are too hard to live with and still be able to sleep at night without Bourbon.  I like Bourbon and Scotch. Stop over, have some refreshments, and visit.  Our door is always open.


James Padgett (2024), Vice President 

My name is James Padgett. My wife, along with our three kids moved into the community May of 2019. We were looking to move from the fast-paced world of city life to a more family friendly community, which we have found at Lake Lorelei. I’m currently a Signal Electrician for the Hamilton County Engineer's Office. I was previously the owner of a small business, S.E.&C. Home Improvements (first letter of each of my kid’s first name) which I owned for several years. I have been on the BOT for the lake since 2021. Having struggled growing up in a low-income family, has taught me the value of a dollar and how to properly spend. I am committed to serving the members of the community with integrity and honesty as we move forward with planning and ideas for our future at the lake. Feel free to say hello to my wife, Angie, our kids (Serena, Elena, Cadien) or myself if you happen to see us out in the community or on the water (I’m the one operating the lake life pontoon boat.)

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Kathryn Greene (2024), Secretary 

I am a full-time resident of Lake Lorelei since 1979.  I am a semi-retired forensic accountant (CFE/CPA).  I am currently serving my fourth term as LLPOA trustee.  My primary interest as a property owner and trustee is to secure our community’s administrative integrity.  I believe this is essential to our community’s continuing viability.  Other community service contributions of mine include the Brown County Public Library Board and the Fayetteville-Perry School Board. I feel very lucky to live among the great neighbors here who inspire me to serve our beloved community.   I sincerely appreciate their continuing contributions that benefit all of us so much.

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Todd Steinbrink, Treasurer (2022)

This summer will mark our 11th season at the lake, but our clan has grown with 5 more members since we first arrived.  “The lake” has become a big part of the foundation of our family. 

At election time 3 years ago, I shared my background, but for newer members of the community, I have now spent 34 years in the financial services business and lead a wealth management firm.  Outside of my professional career, I served 12 years on the City of Montgomery Ohio’s City Council including roles as the Chair of Zoning, Chair of Finance and Mayor.  I currently serve on the Life Enriching Communities’ Foundation Board, the Executive Committee of the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce and as board member on another HOA.  In total, it represents a fair amount of practical experience in finance and project management, always with an eye toward operational excellence.

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Rick Connors (2023)

I have been a property owner and full-time resident of Lake Lorelei for twenty plus years. We chose the lake as our residency to raise our family because we loved the lake life as well as the community. As a family we have participated in several social and advisory committees, events, enhancements, and projects.

My professional career is in the hospitality industry with the role of director of development and construction of several national chains. My expertise lies in managing multi staff departments, meeting deadlines, and overseeing multi-million-dollar budgets. I have played a major role in moving these companies to financial success. This is also what I would like to do for our lake community.

One of my most important priorities as a board member is working to improve the infrastructure of the lake to keep our property values as high as possible and keep Lake Lorelei as a much sought-after place to live. I strive to make a positive impact on policies and procedures to keep our community moving forward and creating an even better place to live life to the fullest!


John Wyman (2022)

I am a retired Structural Engineer and Project Manager for a full-service Consulting AE Company after 40 years working for Industrial Clients such as GE, P&G, Toyota, and NASA. We have lived at Lake Lorelei since the spring of 1991 and full time since the spring of 2020. I am also a member of LLPOA Architectural Committee performing field inspections for Building Permit Applications. I was the leader of the Dredging Committee from Nov 2017 thru Apr 2019.

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Rick Hosea (2023)

Rick Hosea is retired from being an owner operator of a property management company, he's been on the Activities Committee since 2014, he was interim general manager in both the summer of 2020 and the summer of 2021 has been a board member since April of 2021.


Cindy Tullis (2025)

My husband and I have been here at the lake since 2015, starting off as weekenders and transitioning into full time lake residents in 2021. It was the best decision we ever made!  The environment here at Lake Lorelei is so welcoming and fun!  Maintaining our culture and preparing us for the best future possible is the reason I ran for the Board. A little about me, I work for a Market Research Firm as a Senior Vice President.   I enjoy digging into problems and coordinating teams to collaborate towards a common purpose to accomplish our goals.  Listening and finding unmet needs is one of my core strengths, I will utilize these skills to deliver results to all that live here.


Andy Poole (2025)

My name is Andy Poole, and I live here full time with my wife Debbie.  I am a Mechanical Engineer out of UC (go Bearcats!) and recently retired from Procter & Gamble, after 36 years.  Debbie and I have 4 adult children, living across the USA.  I commit to working hard for the benefit of the lake and all those who live in this great community.  I believe that one of the most critical aspects of a Board of Trustees is to listen intently and communicate clearly, and I promise to work hard to ensure this occurs.  I enjoy fitness and skiing, and I like Craft Beer and decent Bourbon.  I look forward to meeting you!