Clubhouse Masterplan Committee

Clubhouse Masterplan Committee News:

Last summer the community’s clubhouse suffered a fire in the restaurant with significant burn, smoke, and water damage. The Association has lost occupancy for the building until the building can be repaired and brought up to code as required for our use.


The LLPOA Board created a Clubhouse Campus Masterplan project so that we can take a step back and really think longer term about what is important to the Membership about all of our facilities and what we want our lake community to be, both today and into the future. We need your feedback.


Members in Good Standing have been emailed a link to the survey.


The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. There are 23 questions. After the last question, click the blue arrow to record your answers.


The number one issue is bringing our 50+ year old clubhouse up to date on current building codes so that it can receive a certificate of occupancy and re-open. Also, the restaurant was almost entirely destroyed, including major sections of the east side roof. An insurance claim has been filed but not settled as of January 2023. The lake carried current value coverage which is unlikely to be enough to fix the damages and upgrade the facilities to current code.


Other challenges to the Clubhouse-Restaurant-Office campus area are:


1. The business model for the restaurant has been challenging for both the restaurant operator and the LLPOA membership.

2. The LLPOA main office at 615 Lorelei Drive has significant structural issues with the foundation, roof, and floors, and is in need of major repairs to create acceptable working conditions.


We want YOUR input in re-envisioning the Clubhouse Campus!

Tell us your ideas.


Check your email for the link!


And.. don’t forget to be on the watch for “Listening Tour” Open Houses in February and March where you can come in person to chat about what comes next for the clubhouse.

There will be 4 committees under this effort: 

  1. Communications – learning the needs of the members & sharing out the progress of the Masterplan
  2. Design – designing a campus to meet our needs, establishing a multi-year plan, and leading the overall project timeline
  3. Finance – understand the cost of buildings and optional scope, and establishing how to fund what is decided to do
  4. Construction – after the plan is aligned and created, lead the construction and start-up of each phase of the Masterplan


Volunteers are being sought to be on the Communications and the Design Committees.

 If you are interested, please send an email to the BOT Liaison for this Masterplan: 

Please email NOW, so we can launch these committees into action ASAP. 

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