Lakes Fund Committee

With the passing of the Lakes Fund Ballot the summer of 2021, the Board of Trustees created a new Lakes Fund Committee.  The purpose of this committee (comprised of current Lake Lorelei property owners) is primarily to develop strategies for programs, projects and procedures for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of all LL lakes.  The Lakes Fund Committee’s areas of concern include Shoreline Maintenance, Water Quality Testing, Lakes Treatment Programs, Dredging Program, Lake Safety, and Lake Valves, Dam, & Spillway Maintenance that will ultimately serve as recommendations to the Lake Lorelei Board of Trustees.


The first chart below is an indication of how the Lakes Fund committee fits within the over all structure of the Lake.  The second one shows the main area of concentration of the committee’s Lead Team for the near future.  That concentration is associated with dredging the Lake, financial affairs of the dredging, and communication of all the dredging activities. 

Lakes Roles.PNG