Shoreline Committee


The Shoreline Committee was formed in 2017 as a sub-committee of the Lakes Committee. The Lakes Committee was also formed in 2017 and was established for the purpose of unifying the LLPOA community to preserve our lakes for the use and benefit of all LLPOA members, their families, and guests.


The need for a Shoreline Committee was to allow for a focused effort by volunteer LLPOA members to identify and propose improvement opportunities to the LLPOA Board of Trustees to preserve the shorelines of all three lakes as well as the tributaries to the lakes. The lake’s shorelines and tributaries were identified as sources of sediment and other materials which contributed to the need to dredge our lakes as well as contributing factors to ongoing degradation of water quality in the lakes.


The Shoreline Committee and the Water Quality Committee continue to work closely together as both committees have overlapping membership.



The Shoreline Committee’s purpose is to develop and implement a long-range shoreline maintenance program for Lake Lorelei’s Lakes. The program will consist of identifying environmental conditions such as erosion, silt infiltration and forms of runoff that adversely affect the lakes and researching solutions and making recommendations for improvement. The committee will conduct annual shoreline surveys, establish best practice standards, recommend solutions, and provide assistance to the Lake Director and the Lake Lorelei Board of Trustees as requested.


Activities and Actions:

The Shoreline Committee meets on as needed basis with a minimum of quarterly meetings. Membership is open to all LLPOA members in good standing. The Chairperson(s) of the committee is/are appointed by the LLPOA Board of Trustees and are responsible to the Board of Trustees for communications and actions of the committee.


The following are some of the actions and activities of the Shoreline Committee:


•      The committee conducts a minimum of one shoreline inspection by boat during a period of normal water level where all accessible shorelines are evaluated. The results of the inspection are communicated to the Lake Director where they and the LLPOA Board of Trustees determine the need for improvement activities by either the LLPOA and/or individual property owners. At least one inspection is conducted in late summer for the purpose of allowing owners of properties needing improvement to work with contractors to make improvements during the winter months when the water level is routinely lowered.


•      The committee conducts surveys of LLPOA property and documents conditions on an as needed basis. These surveys are conducted throughout the year including during the winter lake draw down period. The surveys are typically summarized into a document which is communicated to the LLPOA membership by posting to the LLPOA Website.


•      The committee sometimes works as a point of contact for contractors as well as other organizations for the purpose of developing improvement opportunities. The committee works closely with the Lake Director as well as the LLPOA Board of Trustees in developing needed information for dissemination to various contractors and organizations. One example of work completed by the committee in support of the LLPOA was the design and oversight of improvements completed in 2019 / 2020 at the north end of the lake to control erosion where Glady Run enters the main lake.   


•      The committee has developed a “Rip Rap Standards Recommendation” and posted for the benefit of the LLPOA community.  


•      The committee has developed an “Alternatives to Rip Rap Filtration” for use by the LLPOA membership.  



Committee Contacts:

T.J Jackson         513-490-3778

Jeff McGee                    513-200-7454