Ski Club

In the May-June 2022 issue of the Legend, the Lake Lorelei Ski Club (LLSC) introduced ourselves to the community and discussed the Slalom Course that is on the east side of the lake between Cove A and Cove B.  We hope you found it to be informative – we love to ski the course!  Two of our members recently competed in a Slalom Ski competition in northern Ohio and successfully skied complete passes around all 6 balls.  Congrats to the two of them!! 


The LLSC has safely used the Slalom Course for over 20 years and under the BOT’s approval we are permitted to ski the Course in both directions – which is the safest and most widely recognized way to ski a Slalom Course.  So, if you are on the lake early in the morning you might see the ski course balls on the lake surface, and you might see one of our boats driving through the course in either direction.  Our Club members are committed to being safe, attentive, and respectful, ensuring harmonious use of our lake.        


You can find us skiing the Slalom Course on weekends & holidays between 6am and 9:30am, and on weekdays between 6am and 11am.  It is important to note that only tournament ski boats are permitted to drive through the course.  Other types of boats and jet skis can easily damage the course.  We will gladly drive for anyone who joins our club!   


LLSC membership is open to all LLPOA members.  If you have any questions or wish to join the LLSC, please contact us at:


Mark Cepela, Club President,

Andy Poole, BOT Liaison,


Have fun and ski safe!!